Grid list - Sequence

Here is an example using sequence in Grid

1. Define the number of item

2. Choose a prefix (Example: $about)

($) is used to exclude the page from Auto-creation in Muse

3. Create each page based on the number of items


 Grid list - Custom Array

For developer advanced or beginner.
Here is an example using a custom array in Grid
Look example in the theme zip, mtw-codes/example-grid-custom-array.php

Put the file in mtw-codes folder at the root of your WordPress installation

number of item works like post (-1 = no limit)

1. In Muse, define the item in custom item field

2. Use filters in advanced panel to change the array

3. There is 2 way to use your data
   - using Dom action ( DOMDocument_item_loaded ) example available

   - using Shortcode mtw_custom_array (only one key level)